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      Beacon Career Services ​      Find Your Direction

Now is the time to stop letting your career happen to you!

Beacon Career Services represents a proprietary, structured career program to help you identify and achieve your career goals. This program is designed for:

Currently Employed Workers:

  • Dissatisfied with the direction of their career
  • Anticipating a company-wide layoff or forced exit
  • Needing networking or career exploration assistance
  • Considering the pursuit of an advanced degree or franchise opportunities

High School, College Students, or Recent College Graduates:

  • Seeking to understand careers after graduation
  • Identifying their best-fit career path
  • Making choices about education or training after graduation
  • Pursuing paid or unpaid internship opportunities

Unemployed or Underemployed Workers:

  • Needing a fresh approach to their career search strategy
  • Re-entering the workforce after an extended time away
  • With a history or job-hopping or career instability
  • Refining or improving on networking strategies
  • Navigating ADHD or Depression