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Beacon Career Program

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Assessment and Plan Development

Three assessments/three meetings with Program Psychologist

The initial phase of the program involves assessment of your interests, personality, skills, and personal resources for successfully navigating the career development process. As part of this stage you will meet with your Program Psychologist to discuss your results and begin to develop a plan for meeting your career goals and translating the assessment results into a concrete and achievable plan.

Identifying Career Fit

Two meetings with your Program Manager 

Now that you have collected important data about yourself, you will work closely with your Program Manager to use that information to help refine your search and identify your ideal fit.

Expand Your Network

Four meetings with your Program Manager

The next step is to work with your Program Manger on tools and strategies to narrow down your ideal job, career, or major. You will learn navigation of online research, informational interviewing, networking, and proactive job search tactics.

Marketing Yourself and Your Brand

Three meetings with your Program Manager

Narrowing down your ideal fit is the most important step. After that has been done, however, there is still the practical need to develop your written brand through resumes, cover letters, and entrance essays.

Closing the Deal

Three meetings with your Program Manager

You will work with your Program Manager on the finer points of preparing for and navigating within an interview. Meetings are spent in a combination of strategizing for or practicing interview techniques.

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