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"The testing phase is a valuable tool enabling a person to see inward. It helps someone know their strength areas and leads them in that direction."

 - Recently retired and looking to transition into second career

"I worked with the program manager to develop a list of what I did not do well in business, which was very powerful. The program was a delightful time to reflect, Chris H. helped me make the most of it."

 - Transitioning from working for others to owning his own business

"Chris was wonderful to work with. He made the process easy and really helped to lead me through it."

- Local Austin career changer

"I wish I had unlimited time. I will be back for resume help every time I apply for a new job!"

- New to Austin and wanting to stand out with his resume

"Beacon testing and counseling solidified my decision to continue down my career path. Analyzing my own personal diagnostics, paired with insightful expertise, was essential in my professional journey"
- Austin professional deciding between a future in business or as a spiritual leader

"Beacon was a pleasure to work with. They made me feel very comfortable and like I was talking to a close friend!"

​- Businesswoman in mid-career change